The Maestros of Tango Cazino Festival 2017 – La cumparsita

Aug 13th 2017
The Maestros of Tango Cazino Festival 2017 dance “La cumparsita“ played live by Solo Tango Orquesta in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The performers are
Maria Filali and Gianpiero Galdi
Selen Sürek and Alper Ergökmen
Stephanie Fesneau and Fausto Carpino
Ioana Lascu and Horia Călin Pop
Natacha Lockwood and Andres Molina
Delia Dragut and Martin Lutsch
Diana Cruz and Nick Jones
Lorena Tarantino and Giovanni Cocomero
Sonja Bruyninckx and Sven Breynaert
Tania Heer and René-Marie Meignan

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This video was brought to you with the support of
Tango Cazino Festival