European Tango Championship 2019 – Tango de pista – Qualification Day 1 Ronda 6

Jun 26th 2019
Watch Ronda 6 from Qualification Day 1 during the European Tango Championship 2019 in Bellaria, Italy.

The dancers are (couples with a * moved to the Semi-Final)
242 Claire Staub and Vincenzo Rollo – Switzerland
*243 Ksenia Rubina and Sergey Kurkatov – Russia
244 Tatiana Alekseeva and Andrey Mihkalin – Russia
247 Magali Bayer and Stefan Bayer – Spain
*248 Ekaterina Trushina and Alexander Sergeev – Russia
*249 Irina Samoilova and Artem Luchin – Russia
*250 Anastasiia Izvekova and Ivan Nabokin – Russia

The music was
Pedro Laurenz/Carlos Bermúdez “Más solo que nunca”
Miguel Caló/Raúl Berón “Jamás retornarás”
Juan D'Arienzo “Don Pacífico”

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