Need some green in Buenos Aires? Go to Puerto Madeiro and Reserva Ecologica

published on
November 29th 2016
Written by Eve
Reserva ecologica near Buenos Aires
Reserva Ecologica
Being in the bustling city of Buenos Aires sometimes will give you the feeling of never-ending concrete, streets, cars, buildings, noise, and polluted air. Some day you might feel the desire for fresh air, some green around you and quiet moments.

If you are able to travel to Iguazu, to the beach somewhere, or to a friend who lives in the outer areas (e.g. Olivos, Peru Beach), you are lucky. If these are no options for you, take a day off and grab a bike. Go to "La Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur" and visit Puerto Madero.
Puerto Madero is the most modern part of Buenos Aires. It is basically the old port, renovated, and decorated with many fancy, modern skyscrapers. A lot of international companies have their offices there, as well as you will find expensive apartments to live in.

Puerto Madero Yacht Harbour

The basements of the old harbour buildings as well as of the modern ones are mostly restaurants, cafes, galleries. So it is a nice area to take a walk, watch the ships, the architecture, smell the history and the future of Buenos Aires.

After having a coffee in the sunshine you are ready to explore the Reserva Ecologica. Don't go on a Monday, because on Monday it is closed. The best days are Tuesday to Thursday.
Puerto Madeira Yacht Harbour
Puerto Madero Yacht Harbour
Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires
Puerto Madero
On the weekends many people come there and the crowds on the paths reduce the relaxing effect of being there. There is no entrance fee. Just walk or cycle in. No cars allowed inside.

The Reserva Ecologica is the biggest green area of Buenos Aires. You have a basic circle encircling it which is approx. 7 km long. There are some crosslinks, too. So you can do shorter tours as well. The paths are mostly gravel, so no inline skating. There are benches and meadows to sit on and watch the river ("rio de la plata") or the green (most parts of it are just wild green), some public toilets, but no restaurants. It is truly refreshing to take your mate y facturas and sit with friends in the shade below some trees, enjoying the day.
In between Puerto Madero and the Reserva is a big paved sidewalk with lots of food stalls, which sell hamburgers, hot dogs and sodas. As well here you can see the "walk of (sports) fame" of Argentina. All famous national athletes got a personal monument here. For me it has been very surprising who came from Argentina, like Gabriela Sabatini, and many other athlete-heroes of my childhood.

For a weekend - because of too many people in the reserva - I suggest you to travel to Tigre, the delta, for some fresh air and some green around you.
Parcour of Athlets
Parcour of Athlets