La Ventana Tango Festival Istanbul 2024 event picture

La Ventana Tango Festival Istanbul 2024

May 16th - May 19th
Gumussuyu Mah Siraselviler Cad, Tak-ı Zafer Cd. No. 13
Istanbul, Istanbul 34437 Turkey
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The organizer(s) of La Ventana Tango Festival Istanbul 2024


La Ventana – The Window – Pencere
Tango Festival in Istanbul from May 16th to 19th, 2024

If you need fresh air and sunlight, leave the window open, as you do in Tango!
La Ventana Tango Festival intends to provide a new experience constructed on Tango’s unique atmosphere.
When you open the window, you may reach different Tango colours through our amazing artists, DJs and milonguero/with a warm embrace.
Now, open the curtain and let the window bring fresh air and sunlight.

With the Maestros

  • Rocio Lequio and Bruno Tombari
  • Carolina Giannini and Guillermo “El Peque” Barrionuevo
  • Sabrina Masso and Federico Naveira
  • Zeynep Aktar and Sercan Yiğit
  • Simin Oğur and Facundo Berrios
  • Sol Cerquides and Fernando Gracia
  • Indira Hiayes and Rodrigo Palacios

and DJs

  • Ahu Türkpençe
  • Manuel
  • Ramo & Gogo
  • Stefano Lopez

You are in La Ventana!
Enjoy the freshness!

Sofitel İstanbul Taksim
Gumussuyu Mah Siraselviler Cad
Tak-ı Zafer Cd. No:13
34437 İstanbul, Türkiye

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* All milongas and workshops will be held at Sofitel Taksim.

16/05 Thursday
21:00 – 03:00 Milonga
DJ Ahu Türkpençe
Shows: Sol & Fernando / Opening Dance of Maestros

17/05 Friday
22:00 – 05:00 Milonga
DJ Stefano Lopez
Shows: Indira & Rodrigo / Zeynep & Sercan

18/05 Saturday
22:00 – 05:00 Milonga
Shows: Carolina & Peque / Rocio & Bruno

19/05 Sunday
22:00 – 04:00 Milonga
DJ Manuel
Shows: Simin & Facundo / Sabrina & Federico / Closing Dance of Maestros

* All milongas and workshops will be held at Sofitel Taksim.
* All classes are 75 minutes.

17/05 Friday
11:30 Carolina & El Peque:
CENTER: Different CENTERS in the body (It helps to clarify how to send and receive the information more clear, more secure and easier) All levels
13:00 Zeynep & Sercan:
Make milonga your favourite tanda !! : Joyful passages between circular , lateral and linear moves All levels
14:30 Rocio & Bruno:
Change of dynamic from rythmical patterns Intermediate-Advanced
16:00 Rocio & Bruno:
Combination of elements: squeeze your moves to the maximum Advanced
17:30 Sabrina & Federico Seminar:
Technique and fundamentals: Evolition of technique and fundamentals for both roles. All levels
19:45 Sol & Fernando:
Work with Social Tango figures taken to the stage, how to maintain the essence and add effect. Advanced

18/05 Saturday
11:30 Carolina & El Peque:
FLOW and STRUCTURE: “How to communicate structure or fluidity“ Intermediate-Advanced
13:00 Sol & Fernando:
Body-music- movement-emotion theatrical and expressive approach of the body in relation to music All levels
13:00 Sabrina & Federico:
How start a turn? Crosses, steps and pivots: Circular movement of body with using basic elements. All levels
14:30 Indira & Rodrigo:
The Art of Walking”. Dynamics. How to design a movement idea and sustain it while walking. All levels
16:00 Indira & Rodrigo:
Vals: dancing in the clouds All levels
16:00 Zeynep & Sercan:
Understanding the harmony of Connection and Circularity : Connect to your partner , connect to the ground Intermediate-Advanced
17:30 Sabrina & Federico:
Ganchos: Adding some surprises to unexpected moments Intermediate-Advanced
19:00 Sol & Fernando:
Figures for the "Pugliese World" Advanced

19/05 Sunday
11:30 Indira & Rodrigo:
Creativity: Opening our mind to create new movements and finding more alternatives to our repertoire. Intermediate-Advanced
13:00 Sabrina & Federico:
Faster turns with simple sacadas, lapices and enrosques: Creating impacts with momentum. Advanced
14:30 Sabrina & Federico:
Back Sacadas: Using the efficiancy of rotation Intermediate-Advanced
16:00 Carolina & El Peque:
MILONGA CLASS: “Milongueando en el 40” (Interesting ways and structures from the 40) Advanced
16:00 Rocio & Bruno:
Impro 1 - the base, the embrace, the presence All levels
17:30 Sol & Fernando:
Dissociation in tango: Differentiation work between the different twists that the spinal column offers us applied to tango and its embrace. Intermediate-Advanced
17:30 Rocio & Bruno:
Impro 2 - how to deal with the space All levels
19:00 Carolina & El Peque:
TECHNICAL INSTRUMENTS FOR MORE ENERGY: “How to store energy in different parts of the body” (elastics) All levels
19:00 Indira & Rodrigo:
And if we play that we don't always walk together”. Dissociating the steps. Advanced