Arriving in Buenos Aires, March 2016

published on
March 9th 2016
Written by Eve
Arriving in Buenos Aires will be mainly by airplane at the International Airport Ezeiza (EZE). If you have friends or organized your stay in advance you might have been offered a transfer service. Usually this means: after you survived passport control, customs and baggae claim - count 1-2 hours for this circuit - you step out into the arrival hall, and there will be somebody with a sign with your name on it. Don't worry that there are hundred other people with name tags, just stay calm and search yours.
EZE Airport in Buenos Aires
EZE Airport
To get into the city by yourself you have different options. Like in every other part of the world I don't recommend to follow a person who just grabs your arm and says "taxi" to you, mostly you will pay more than needed. If you speak good spanisch and want a real argentine experience, walk out of the arrivals hall and go to the yellow-black stand for radio taxi. Talk to the guy there, and then you will go with a regular cab into town, using a meter. In case there is no traffic jam, this is the cheapest option (excluded the use of public transfers, which I never tried to be honest). Don't be surprised that you will not only have to pay the price of the meter, but as well the highway toll.
For travellers with limited spanish and more desire for comfort and security (if you travelled with local yellow-black cabs you will understand what I mean ...) I recommend the use of "Taxi Ezeiza". This is a remise service, which means you will agree before the transfer about the price, and usually remise cars are in better conditions than taxis.
In EZE walk to the white-blue Taxi Ezeiza stand in the arrivals hall. Give the friendly (and english speaking) staff the adress of your hotel/apartment, and they will give you the price. As of March 2016, a tour from EZE to Palermo has been 500 Arg. Pesos. They will hand out a paper to you, stating you paid (they accept mayor credit cards or cash) and where you want to go. A member of staff will help you with your luggage and bring you to the white cars of this remise services. Don't forget to tip the person helping you when arriving at your car/driver. Then you will be brought to your adress, independent of the length or waiting time on the road.

The cars are clean and in acceptable technical conditions, the drivers sober, friendly and with a kind of proper dresscode.
Car of Taxi Ezeiza
Receipt of Taxi Ezeiza
Receipt of Taxi Ezeiza
For the way back at the end of your stay, you can book Taxi Ezeiza online through their website. Sometimes they offere special online prices. The service is reliable, they will come max. 15 minutes late and in this case give you a call that they will be late.

For more Information about transport and getting around in Buenos Aires, look here!