Tango Cherries – Frankfurt Tango Marathon 2017 (Germany)

published on
June 20th 2017
Written by Eve
Frankfurt Tango Marathon 2017 Afternoon Dancing
Frankfurt Tango Marathon 2017 Afternoon Dancing;
credits: Magdalena Smolarska Photography
When the organizer of this marathon gave his good bye speech to us, he mentioned the credo of this event:

German organization, but Italian food :-)

It describes well the warm hearted soul of this marathon - it's done by a multinational team of organizers and helpers, and they devote themselfes to the well-being of their guests in every second you are there. The venue is great, it is Instituto Cervantes in Frankfurt, with a beautiful ballroom, and a lush garden and terrasse outside. There is sunshine and some trees, green soft grass and some chairs, plaids, so you can alway just lay down, listen to tango, and watch the clouds in the sky.
But before you relax, you will dance. And before that you will eat (Italian catering … no more words needed!) and drink: I never have been at a marathon where you get 4 espresso machines for self service use (included in the price), as well as a machine for freshly squeezed orange juice. I think the first day – I confess – I re-filled my cup 3 times. So refreshing, so sweet – for a german dancer a real highlight. Oh yes, and we had sparkling wine and some other fine spirits, the sprizzzz sessions made people almost run in the middle of the tanda (I said almost, we all have good body control!).
FTM 2017 - the garden view of Instituto Cervantes
FTM 2017 - the garden view of Instituto Cervantes; credits: Luisa Goglia
Frankfurt Tango Marathon 2017 Aperol Spritz
Frankfurt Tango Marathon 2017 Sprizzzz Time!;
credits: Magdalena Smolarska Photography
Dancing has been very social, very nice, I could not spot many show-off characters of the actual tango travelling scene. People were open to dance with unknown dancers, to talk, to hang out and enjoy life. The dancing level has been intermediate to pro, but no stars. Just passionate dancers, well selected DJ's with really good music, and summer, sunshine, joy. I especially liked the DJ set of Aysa.

You could feel the italian spirit in the background, but also the german precision when it comes to organizing details. A lovely event, it felt so good to come back to the "Frankfurt Family" after 2 years. Please, continue! The tango world would be less beautiful without you.