Trasnochando Tango Festival 2017 event picture

Trasnochando Tango Festival 2017

Apr 13th 2017 - Apr 17th 2017
Berlin, Berlin Germany
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The organizer(s) of Trasnochando Tango Festival 2017

Trasnochando Tango Festival 2017 from April 13th to 16th 2017 in Berlin, Germany
We, James and Frank, are extremely excited to announce the third Trasnochando Tango Festival in Berlin! We are thrilled to welcome our dancing guests and friends from around the world. We look forward to sharing 5 days & nights filled with tango adventures and a relaxed atmosphere, and with lots of exciting encounters and beautiful embarces.
Our vision, is to bring back to life the “Golden Age” of tango. Both of us are utterly fascinated by this period, during which tango music, dancing, and all surrounding social customs reached their peak. We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in these magical and fantastic times together, and to celebrate our common love of tango around many beautiful moments with all of our friends, both new and old!
Trasnochando is open and inclusive towards all tango lovers. No restrictions will be placed on gender, age, nationality, dancing experience, or dancing style.
During the Easter weekend, from 13 to 17 April 2017, we offer 5 days and nights full of tango dancing. Two world-renowned Tango Salón maestro couples, Stefanía Colina, Juan Martín Carrara, Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio, as well as 8 experienced international tango DJs will ensure our artistic and dancing pleasure during our time together.
Our Programme offers an opening milonga on Thursday, followed by 3 days packed with tango cafés, workshops with our maestros, and nightly tango balls with show performances. On Monday, we meet for a final time to dance at our farewell tango café. All events take place in a variety of locations throughout Berlin, offering ideal dancing conditions. They include, once again, the beautiful Tegeler Seeterrassen in the charming historical Berlin burough of Alt-Tegel.
See you all in April 2017!