Tango Cherries – Hypezig Tango Marathon 2017 Leipzig (Germany)

published on
February 7th 2017
Written by Eve
The hype about the city of Leipzig as *the* new place to live for hipsters from all over the world (following Berlin as *the* place to be) created the word Hypezig once. But now it has another meaning, at least within the community of tango dancers - because it is the name of Hypezig Tango Marathon! One of the nicest new marathons I have been attending in the last months.

The location is really great: the marathon has been held in the old building of the Konsumzentrale, which is a red stone building formed like a big ocean steamboat, built in 1932.
It survived the war times almost undestroyed and is used today for many cultural activities. The organizing team of the Hypzig Marathon now brought tango to this lovely and impressing place.

Participants of the event were a good mix of German dancers and quite a bunch of international ones from different European countries, with an intermediate to pro level in the dance.

The old wooden floor and the whole ambience gave the event a very stylish touch, and people have been very friendly and open to each other. There was food available to buy at all times, supplemented by free snacks like midnight soup and croissants at 2 am. What a luxury to have Wolfram as a participant - a good friend, smooth dancer and gifted chief and baker who just drives to his bakery after midnight to bake the croissants and come back with boxes of yummy smelling, oven-warm croissants ...
There have been comfortable couches and chairs around the dance floor, with enough space to sit and chat and relax, and as well there has been an area to chill out and have a nap, with mattresses, pillows and blankets. The DJ's have been mainly local and I have been quite happy with them. My personal choice of best DJ set has been Stefan OK from Halle.

The crew has been very warm and friendly, taking care of all needs of the dancers, and was open for suggestions how to easy some minor things occurred on the first day. It has been so lovely to be there, that I hope I can come back one day - means: I hope they do another marathon!
Hypezig Tango Marathon 2017
credits: Dorothea Vent