European Tango Championship 2019 – Tango de pista – Qualification Day 2 Ronda 5

Jun 27th 2019
Watch Ronda 5 from Qualification Day 2 during the European Tango Championship 2019 in Bellaria, Italy.

"The dancers are (couples with a * moved to the Semi-Final)
*235 Natalia Vlasova and Ruslan Bektimirov – Russia
*236 Maria Andreeva and Dmitry Krupnov – Russia
237 Véronique Daco and Thierry De Coster – Belgium
238 Irina Kuznetsova and Dmitrii Liferov – Russia
*239 Matilde Beccaria and Dennys Fernandez Escobar – Italy
*240 Ekaterina Kuznitsina and Maxim Akhmetzhanov – Russia
241 Vasilisa Listkova and Denis Basiuk – Russia

The music was
Carlos Di Sarli/Alberto Podestá “No está”
Francisco Lomuto/Carlos Galarce “Rendido”
Juan D'Arienzo “El puntazo”"

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