030tango Road Trip – Day 02 – Tango in Amsterdam II

published on
September 10th 2015
Written by Jonas
We all have these days: you are in Amsterdam, want to do some interviews and some sight seeing and you end up on a boat tour with intense conversations.
Canal in Amsterdam during the 030tango Road Trip
Starting in the center of the town Inge and Mau gave me the real Amsterdam experience! There are not many cities in the world where you can enter a houseboat in the middle of the town, go below some bridges, and are out of town in half an hour. Suddenly it feels like nature and the countryside.
Boat driving under a bridge in Amsterdam
Ohh, an interview was still done! Inge is a Tango teacher in Amsterdam and we met in Berlin a few years ago. She is not a frequent traveler in the European festival/marathon scene, after her first trip took her directly to Buenos Aires, her Tango heart stayed there...
Inge, Tango dancer from Amsterdam
Time flies by on the boat. After we took the bikes back to town it was dinner time.
Pilar, my next interview candidate, and Maricruz from Spain joined Sing and me. That's Tango life: you meet someone the night before, and next, you are sitting at the dinner table and talking like being old friends.
After a nice dinner with talking and wine, I sat down with Pilar. The first time we connected was while we were both team members at the Zurich marathon... had to be 2013. Pilar toned down her Tango traveling and dancing for a bit, after 14 years of craziness. It was super nice to see her again, sit down and talk.
Pilar, Tango dancer from Amsterdam
I have to say, this trip already paid off. With all those intense conversations, where you don't find enough time for while visiting marathons and festivals! After a long day, we all decided against going out for the milonga. After all, there was an early bus to Brussels to catch for me!
km count: 544