Recommended apps for Buenos Aires, November 2016

published on
May 10th 2016
Written by Eve
For the tango tourist in Buenos Aires there are some very useful free apps to ease your life.

Milonga Hoy

The first one I recommend you is "Milonga Hoy" (or "Hoy Milonga", depending if it's iOS or Android). You can download this app in your normal app store.

Milonga Hoy gives you an overview about all milongas in Buenos Aires (Capital Federal) per day. It lists you the names, addresses, times, numbers of colectivos and metros running close, the names or organizers, Facebook or web pages, phone numbers for table reservations, and more information about the milonga. Additionally you can see a map of the city with all the locations, so you can choose the ones close to the area you live in.

Usually the information for Milonga Hoy in Buenos Aires are quite exact, but there are exceptions. It is always better to double-check the information if you happen to go for the first time to a milonga, or are otherwise not sure. Most Milongas you can find meanwhile with their own Facebook page.

The app lists all milongas for the actual day, as well as for the upcoming week.

They have as well a website with the same name and the same services, you can find it here.

Como llego

For everybody the public transport of Buenos Aires seems quite confusing in the beginning. The app which helps you to easily get along from A to B is "Como llego".

Available in the usual app stores, it is an app from the government of Buenos Aires, and it is meanwhile very comfortable to use.

First you write in the addresses (starting point and destination), and immediately it gives you all potential connections. It helps you to find street addresses, as well as you can search for crossings. In the settings you can define which transport shall be included, how far you are willing to walk, etc.
It lists all options in order of times consumed of the travel. Now you can mark the options which sound comfortable to you, and then change into the map view, where different colored lines mark the different options. Here you can see how many blocks you have to walk to the first bus/metro stop, and how many from your "getting off" bus/metro stop. I strongly recommend checking this, because sometimes the shortest connection is not the most comfortable one.

The app remembers the last used 20 or more addresses, and you can as well save them under a personal name, e.g. "home". The app tells you as well how long it will take if you go by car or by foot, and even by bicycle, but I would not take these time specifications too serious.

They offer of course a website with the same services, you can find it here.

*Note: by november 2016 google maps public transport directions are available for BA, but not as acurate as "Come Llego". So you might be satisfied with just using google maps, but you will miss sometimes the correct location of bus stops, as well as information about the correct sub-kategory of a certain bus line. About the bus system please look here.*


If you like to dine out this app will save you quite a lot of money. Restorando is a restaurant reservation app for latin america, it does not work (so far) for europe, the united states or australia. You can search like in any other restaurant app for different types of food, the area you want to eat out, the name of the restaurant. And restorando gives you a lot of discounts. If you make your reservation al least some hours before you go, you can get off in between 15-40% discount. Sure not all restaurants give discounts, neither does it works for all days or times. But usually you will find some good offers, and get a table.

Some of the very hot spots don't accept reservations via web at all (like Sarkis), but mostly because they don't even have a website.

Restorando is available in the app store, and the website you can find here.


Bicis is an app for riding a bicycle. You find a map with the bike paths here as well as the stations where you can rent a bike from the official bike renting service fo Buenos Aires (yellow bikes). Since these bikes seem to be in technical conditions I do not like so much, I didn't rent one. But the map is nice.

Taxi apps

There are different taxi apps (eTaximobile, Taxi premium), but I discovered them quite late and can at the moment not give any valuation of it.

Your feedback on apps is more than welcome, if anybody gave a try to the taxi apps, or have more recommendations of useful apps!