World Of Tango 2018 event picture

World Of Tango 2018

Sep 14th 2018 - Sep 17th 2018
Tampere, Finland
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The organizer(s) of World Of Tango 2018


World Of Tango 2018 Festival from September 14th to 16th 2018 in Tampere, Finland.

FRIDAY 14.9.
17.00−18.30 "Embrace: Closed or open? The importance of distances and spaces in the Embrace." FyJ. All levels.
18.30−20.00 "Walking: Why tango is walking? Variations of Walking inside different structures/combinations." FyJ. Intermediate-advanced-master.
11.00−12.30 "Musicality on Milonga traspie" JMyS. Intermediate-advanced.
12.45−14.15 "Connection: With the chest or with the hand? The influence and importance of the right hand of the man on the woman’s back." FyJ. Intermediate-advanced.
14:45-16.15 "Giros: Basic elements of the Turn, Turns with Sacadas and sequencies with Turns for small spaces" FyJ. Intermediate.
16:30-19:45 "Musicality intensive course (2x90min with 15min break): Study of the typical musical structures, different rhythms and melodies. How the instruments interact in the orchestra and in which ways can we express them? How to dance on the singer?" JMyS. All levels.
SUNDAY 16.9.
11.00−12.30 "Solo technique for leaders" Juan Martin. All levels.
11.00−12.30 "Solo technique for followers" Stefania. All levels.
12.45−14.15 "Giros for vals: Difference between centrifugal and centripetal energies" JMyS. Intermediate.
12.45−14.15 "Delicious structures: Is it important to know the history?" FyJ. Master class.
14.30−16.00 "Adornos/decorations for leaders and followers: When is the moment to decorate?" FyJ. Intermediate-advanced.
Salsa School "Vanha Havanna", Tullintori shopping center 2nd floor, Tullikatu 6, Tampere / Salsakoulu Vanha Havanna, Tullintori 2. kerros, Tullikatu 6, Tampere
25 € / workshop/person / hlö/person.
Note: "Musicality intensive course" is a package of two workshops, price 50€/person. / Huom: "Musicality intensive course" on kahden workshopin paketti, hinta 50€/hlö.