TangoLovers Festival 2018 event picture

TangoLovers Festival 2018

Feb 08th 2018 - Feb 12th 2018
Athens, Greece
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The organizer(s) of TangoLovers Festival 2018

TangoLovers Festival 2018
– 4 Days & Nights full of Dance
– 16 Workshops
– Amazing Venues
** Maestros **
* Fabian Peralta & Josefina Bermudez
* Julio Balmaceda & Virginia Vasconi
* Neri Piliu & Yanina Quinones
* Esref Tekinalp & Vanessa Gauch
This is the fourth year that an Argentine Tango Festival of this magnitude is being organized in Greece, a festival that grand Maestros of the local and international tango dance community will attend.
Festival will be for 4 days, 8-11 February 2018, and will include a music concert with live orchestra at “Cine Kerameikos” www.cinekerameikos.gr, lessons at “Libertango Dance Studio” and Tango nights in Cultural Place “Cultural Center of Roumelioton – Cine Kerameikos Kolonaki” (one of the oldest mansions in Kolonaki). www.cinekerameikos.gr/?page_id=5750. People from 18 to 70 years old can be part of the festival.
In brief the Festival Schedule comprises the following:
On Thursday, the 8th February 2018
• Opening of the Festival with music concert by Tangarto Orchestra & shows performed by Maestros & Professional Tango dancers at “Cine Kerameikos”: 21:00 – 23:00.
• Milonga at the same place after the performance 23:30 – 03:30.
From Friday the 9th to Sunday the 11th of February 2018
• Workshops at “Libertango Dance School”: 16 lessons lasting 24 hours in total, instructed by 4 internationally renowned couples from Argentina & Turkey.
• Milongas with shows performed by professional tango dancers from 22:30 – 05:00 at the Festival venue “Cine Kerameikos Kolonaki”.
All milongas (Friday – Sunday) will be in Cine Kerameikos Kolonaki. (550 m2.)
• 100% wooden floor.