Tango En Punta Bregenz 2019 event picture

Tango En Punta Bregenz 2019

Sep 12th 2019 - Sep 16th 2019
Bregenz, Austria
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The organizer(s) of Tango En Punta Bregenz 2019

“Tango en Punta” is the first tango festival in the world with inclusion of people with disabilities.
It is a place where international tango professionals and hundreds of tango lovers independent of nationality, age, gender, physical and mental abilities meet each other for a weekend of embrace that knows no borders.
“Embracing Tango, Embracing Inclusion” has been the philosophy of the festival since its beginning.
It embodies the spirit of the Tinkers, that of fellowship and meeting.
During the festival we experience it every day in a surprising number of ways, literally “creating inclusion” together.
Join us!! Join the party!! Celebrate a tango experience of inclusion!
Clases with: Laura Elizondo & Rodrigo Fonti / Lucila Cionci & Joe Corbata / Majo Martirena & Carlitos Espinoza / Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella /
Guest dancers: Claudia Grava & Martin Birnbaumer / Maurice Nouaili / Michi Sebald / Raija Bünnagel / Theresia Böhler / Thomas Baur
DJs: Carlitos Espinoza / Dj Bromaduro / DJ Punto y Branca / Duddie Mancini / Laura Falleti