Tango Cazino Festival 2018 event picture

Tango Cazino Festival 2018

Aug 08th 2018 - Aug 14th 2018
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Please be advised, that 030tango is not the organizer of this event. We can neither assume liability for the correctness of this information nor for any experiences you may have in relation with this event.

The organizer(s) of Tango Cazino Festival 2018

Compania de Tango Cluj – Horia Calin Pop & Ioana Lascu, have the great pleasure to invite you to The Highlight among tango events of this summer:
8th-13th of August 2018, 7th edition
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
6 Days and Nights Milongas, Workshops & Performances
+ 60 hours of milonga
+ 15 couple workshop
+ 4 technique classes
+ 2 folklore classes (chacarera & zamba),
+ 2 tango bands,
+ 1 international tango Gala
+ 11 tango DJs,
+ 4 couples of international teachers
+ and many more other surprise guests!
Our motto: On and on… again and again 🙂
Come and enjoy with us the most beautiful location of our city, a historic building, the Cazino, now the perfect place for culture exchange. In the central part of Transilvania you will find our beautiful city Cluj with warm people, good food and really cheap accommodation.
We are a nonprofit event!.
Your contribution is sponsorship.
Thank you!
We have an impressive guest list of dedicated, friendly and beautiful tango people:
Carlitos Espinoza y Noelia Hurtado (Argentina)
Fausto Carpino y Stephanie Fesneau (Italy/France)
Gianpiero Galdi y Maria Filali (Italy/France)
Alper Ergökmen y Selen Sürek (Turkey)
Dominic Bridge & Kara Wenham (USAGermany)
Steinar Refsdal y Cyrena Drusine (Norway/USA)
René-Marie Meignan y Tania Heer (France/Switzerland)
Vincenzo Bisogno y Lorena Tarantino (Italy)
Piotr Roemer y Ewa Wojtkiewicz (Poland)
Mihai Georgescu ( France/ România)
Fausto Carpino (Italy)
Rene-Marie Meignan (France)
Gabriela Ioana Manea (Romania)
Konrad Krynski (Hungary/Poland)
Lorena Tarantino (Italy)
Francesco Cieschi (Italy)
Theo Sevdas (Switzerland)
Semeon Kukormin (Russia)
Panos Nikoletos (Greece)
Roxana Iovanesc (Romania)