Roma Tango Festival 2019 event picture

Roma Tango Festival 2019

Dec 12th 2019 - Dec 16th 2019
Rome, Italy
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The organizer(s) of Roma Tango Festival 2019

Welcome to the 7th edition of Roma Tango Festival, a truly special event for every tango lover. Four fantastic days and nights to celebrate the most magical time of the year in the heart of Rome. 9 intense hours of workshops, 4 milongas, 3 tango brunches and an opportunity to meet and learn from dancers and instructors from different schools and countries!
This year, Roma Tango Festival is all about collaboration and sharing, and we are absolutely thrilled to share our tango love with the guests from all over the world
Maestri / Teachers :
Graciela Gonzalez e Ezequiel Mendoza
Ariadna Naveira e Fernando Sanchez
Patricie Porakova e Javier Antar
Laura Boucaya
Raquel Greenberg
Lucas Galera e Victoria Fuentes
Ismael Ludman e Natalia Ochoa
Lesson’s location:
La Gardel Roma Via Romolo Gessi 6 00170 RM Testaccio
Alagalomi Tango Shoes
Roxana Vincelli Clothes
Registrazioni – Registration :
[email protected]
+39 347 8377 269
Ringraziamo Graciela Gonzalez, la madrina del Festival.
Per essere la nostra guida e fonte di energia tanguera !
Full Pack
“Holiday in the center of Rome”
4 nights in double room + Breakfast
3 Tango Brunch Milongas
6 lessons (9hours)
4 Nights Milongas
Price: 430€ before 15.10 // after 460€
- Giovedì 12
Night Milonga "Los Latinos" Via della Divina Provvidenza 90
dalle 22.30 Dj. Supersabino
Show: Lucas Galera e Victoria Fuentes
- Venerdì 13
Night Milonga "Il Mitreo" Via Marino Mazzacurati 61
Dj. Victoria Fuentes
Show: Natalia Ochoa e Ismael Ludman
Patricie Porakova e Javier Antar
- Sabato 14
Night Milonga "Los Latinos LA MIRADA"
Dalle 22.30 Dj. Jenni Valli
Show: Graciela Gonzalez e Ezequiel Mendoza
- Domenica 15
Daily Milonga "La Gardel" Via Romolo Gessi 6
Dalle 14.00 - 18.00 Dj. Ignacio Cavalieri
Trio "Entre Tango"
Night Milonga "MUST Milonga" Via Capistrano 36
Dalle 18.30 Dj. Ismael Ludman
Show Ariadna Naveira e Fernando Sanchez