Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival 2017 event picture

Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival 2017

Jul 06th 2017 - Jul 10th 2017
Porec, Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)
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The organizer(s) of Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival 2017


Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival 2017
From July 6th to July 9th 2017 in Porec, Croatia

Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda (ARG)
Fernando Sanchez & Ariadna Naveira (ARG)
Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado (ARG)
Pablo Rodriguez & Corina Herrera (ARG)

SuperSabino The Ultimate Groovemaster! (Italy)
Osky Casas (Argentina)
Andres Molina (Argentina)
Nicoletta Radice (Italy)
Diego Doigneau (Argentina)
El Chino Necchi (Argentina)
Janja Frank (Slovenia)

The schedule – in short:
5 huge gran milongas in Žatika Hall, 5 daily FREE pool parties, tons of daily workshops, special 4 day seminar with Chicho and Juana, special technique classes with Corina Herrera and Ariadna Naveira, The Legendary BOAT TRIP from which all other boat trips came, beach fun, perfect sea and happiness all around 🙂