Argentine Tango Festival Calendar

Berlin Festival Milonguero 2023

Sep 22nd 2023 - Sep 24th 2023
Pfuelstraße 5
Berlin, Berlin 10997 Germany
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Please be advised, that 030tango is not the organizer of this event. We can neither assume liability for the correctness of this information nor for any experiences you may have in relation with this event.

Join the first Berlin Festival Milonguero!
This is an event for everyone and has a package for you to dance the whole weekend!

80 Euros Milonga-Package
Buy your Milonga-Package and reserve your place. Pre-sale and registration start 15/04/2023, includes:
32 hours of tango – 6 Milongas

Live concert with the Berlin Community Tango Orchestra and the fantastic voice of Carlos Roulet from Argentina

Three shows with 3 Argentinian tango couples:
Jonathan Saavedra and Clarisa Aragon
Fatima Vitale and Andres Sautel
Griselda Duarte and Nicolás Di Rago

Special Sunday afternoon milonga with Folklore live music and Argentinian artists:
Duna Rolando trio
Duna Rolando (singer)
Gabriel Battaglia (guitar)
Tomas Diaz (bandoneón)

And a traditional gaucho show by Fernando Romero “Chucky”!

6 international Djs
Guillermo Monti (Argentina)
Vivi La Falce (Argentina)
Alberto Germanó (Argentina)
Ala Malisa (Poland)
Aaron Benchimol (Argentina)
Francesco Ceschi (Italy)

150 Euros Workshop-Package
If you also want to take all classes with Clarisa and Jonathan there is a
workshop-package: 150 Euros – 6 workshops
which means 9 hours of learning from the Tango World Champion couple

Tanzschule Bebop
Pfuelstraße 5
10997 Berlin

Friday 22.09.
Milonga 1
DJ Francesco Cieschi (Italy)
Milonga 2
22:00-4:00 hs
DJ Vivi La Falce (Argentina)
Live Music Carlos Roulet + Berlin Community Tango Orchestra from 00:00 to 01:00 hs
Tango Show: Griselda Duarte and Nicolas Di Rago
Entrance evening ticket Friday (22:00 hs): 18 Euros
Entrance day ticket for the afternoon and evening milonga Friday (17:00 hs): 28 Euros

Saturday 23.09.
Milonga 3
17:00-22:00 hs
DJ Ala Malisa (Poland)
Milonga 4
22:00-4:00 hs
DJ Beto Germano (Argentina)
Tango Show: Jonathan and Clarisa show (00:00 hs)
Entrance evening ticket Saturday (22:00 hs): 23 Euros
Entrance day ticket for the afternoon and evening milonga Saturday (17:00 hs): 33 Euros

Sunday 24.09.
Milonga 5
17:00-21:00 hs
DJ Guillermo Monti (Argentina)
Live Folklore Music – “Duna Rolando trio” con Duna Rolando (singer), Gabriel Battaglia (guitar) y Tomas Diaz (bandoneon)
Folklore show: El Gaucho: Fernando “Chucky” Romero.
Milonga 6
21:00-02:00 hs
DJ Aaron Benchimol (Argentina)
Tango Show: Fatima Vitale and Andres Sautel
Entrance evening ticket Sunday (21:00 hs): 18 Euros
Entrance day ticket for the afternoon and evening milonga Saturday (17:00 hs): 28 Euros

Friday 22.09.
2 intensive seminars of "GIROS" by CLARISA AND JONATHAN at Bebop
13:00-14:30 hs
Giros 1 "We will create a solid base of spin, working on mechanics, timing and axis for both roles." (28 Euros)
14:30-16:00 hs
Giros 2 "Play and connect in various dynamics of rotation." (28 Euros)

Saturday 23.09
2 intensive seminars on "CHANGES OF DYNAMICS" by CLARISA AND JONATHAN at Bebop
13:00-14:30 hs
DYNAMIC CHANGES 1: "We will work on practical exercises to encourage reaction and speed in movement." (28 Euros)
14:30-16:00 hs
CHANGES OF DYNAMICS 2: "Generate defined contrasts based on various musical resources." (28 Euros)

Sunday 24.09.
2 intensive seminars by CLARISA AND JONATHAN at Bebop
13:00-14:30 hs
VALS: “We will work on the fluidity and suspension of movement applied to circular sequences”. (28 Euros)
14:30-16:00 hs
SACADAS: “Playing with the weights and spaces created. Alternatives of movement and improvisation”. (28 Euros)